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Slovenia Outdoor Week


7 days

Number of people

2 – 8

Tour Type

e-Bike/MTB touring, Paragliding, Hiking, Rafting, Canyoning




Vipava Valley, Soča Valley


From 700 €



Slovenia is a very diverse country. It is known as the outdoor paradise for all the enthusiasts out there. The most attractive is its western part from Julian Alps to Adriatic Sea. In between there are two Valleys that sure can offer an adrenaline pump for everyone looking for it. Those are Soča Valley and Vipava Valley. Each has its own secrets and things to do and jet they are both similar in a way. So join us on this epic adventure!

Season: May, June, July, August, September, October


  • Outstanding views
  • Best outdoor activities
  • Local made food
  • Expert tour guide

ITINEARY [step by step]

Meeting at Geko Adventures Office in Ajdovščina (Vipava Valley)

Short briefing about the week to come and transfer to accommodation.

Day 1

Biking in Vipava Valley. Sport climbing.

We will start our first day of outdoor activities in Vipava Valley. Since Vipava Valley is beautiful all around, we will bike it first, to see its dimensions, bridges, rivers, castles and its nature. After the lunch we will go sport climbing in the local climbing crags, that are perfect for beginners and also for those who have previous experience. 

Day 2

Via Ferrata in Vipava. Paragliding from Kovk or Lijak. Wine tasting.

On the second day we will ascend one of the most beautiful Via Ferrata in Slovenia. It is just above Vipava and it takes us to a magical top with an amazing view. 

And what can be a better view than the one from the top! Vipava Valley has amazing paragliding take off Kovk and Lijak! You will have an opportunity to fly above Vipava Valley with an experienced paraglider. 


Since this is our last day in the Valley, we will go on a wine tasting to taste the local wines Pinela and Zelen and also to try some of the local food.

Day 3

Transfer to Bovec. Canyoning at Soča river. Accommodation in Bovec.

After breakfast we will drive to Bovec (2h drive) and dress up for canyoning in Gorge Sušec. We will have many chances to enjoy the river stream, jump into the water, walk in the gorge and more. The rest of the day will give us time to explore town Bovec and its surroundings. In the summer this is one of the most exciting towns in Slovenia.

Day 4

Hiking in Julian Alps. Ascend to Prehodavci and Triglav lakes.

Being just under majestic Julian Alps, we will have to go for a hike! A bit further from Bovec, near Trenta, there we enter into Valley Zadnjica. We will hike from there to Zasavska koča (Mountain hut) on Prehodavci, walking on an old mule track. From there we just continue on easy, flat terrain and admire famous Triglav lakes. 

Day 5

Rafting in Soča river. Mountain biking in Soča Valley.

This is our last outdoor active day of the week. 

We will start it with mountain biking. Because many of the Soča Valley beauty is not just in Soča river, but also in the forest, on the gravel roads, the trails. So we will go mountain biking and explore this beautiful sights.  


For the very end there is one thing that is a MUST in Soča Valley and that is rafting! Flowing down the Soča stream is a thing you will never forget! It will be perfect to chill and relax in the refreshing Soča river after a busy busy week.

Day 6

Day 7

Farewell. Transport to airport.

Our last day together. Transport back to the airport or wherever you need to go. 


Where we meet?

Štrancarjeva ulica 8

5270 Ajdovščina




  • Tour guide

Self - Guided

  • GPX track
  • All info about the tour (what to see, where to sleep, where to eat)

Tailor Made

  • Depending on your wishes, we prepare a custom made tour (elavation, distance, things to do, things to see) 


  • Experienced guides for every activity
  • 6x accommodation and breakfast
  • transfer to location and 24h support


  • Other meals and wine tasting (optional)
  • Bike&gear rent (optional)