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UTVV treking in Vipava Valley


up to 7 days

Število ljudi

2 – 16





Lenght and Elevation

160 km, 6.800 m +/-


From 700 €



Trekking in Vipava Valley takes you over epic Ultra Trail Vipava Valley trail, that circles the whole Vipava Valley. But unlike the trail runners, you can go on a slow pace, enjoy nature, the views, and just relax as you go.

It is designed to offer the best views, the biggest attraction, the tastiest food and of course, to give the maximum fun.

Trekking Vipava Valley is not a usual trekking. It is a trekking made out of uphills and downhills. It is made from many cultural sights from castels, bridges, WWI monuments, roman forts, Napoleon roads and much more.
It is made from natural pearls such as unique world rivers (Vipava, Hubelj and Soča), it offers insights in just how many vineyards are in the Vipava Valley. It offers views from Julian Alps to Adriatic coast.

And all along the way, it offers a traveler the best local cuisine and fine. We just have to mention that we have 2 Michelin stars restaurant in the Vipava Valley. Valley is also famous for its craft beers, such as Pelicon and Reservoir Dogs.

Our Vipava Valley trekking is made from 12 stages. In average they are 15km long.

Each stage is unique, different and tells its own story.

To learn more about individual stage, scroll down the page.


  • Čista, neokrnjena narava
  • Najboljše pohodniške poti v tem delu Slovenije
  • Uživaški pohodi mimo naravnih in kulturnih znamenitosti
  • Pohodi so prilagojeni željam gostov
  • Na voljo celo leto


Meeting - Instructions

We will meet in a pleasant spot in Ajdovščina. After accommodation, a briefing meeting with all instructions for the upcoming week will follow.


Welcome in Ajdovščina

Ajdovščina - Predmeja

First stage is always the most thrilling. To make it even more interesting, we start our trekking in Castra, a old Roman Fort, that played a major role in ancient times. We then cross river Hubelj and after a short walk, we already see its spring. There is a legend telling how Hubelj got its name. But we will safe that for our tour 🙂 Anyhow, river Hubelj is one of the shortest rivers in Slovenia and has very strong stream. When here is a lot of rain, the river gets its full power and gets very very strong.

From Hubelj we enter the forrest and start hiking on mountain trails up to Gora, passing very beautiful natural Otlica window . We continue with trekking on Gora ridge, that offers very beautiful views on Vipava Valley. We finish stage one in Predmeja.

Stage 1

Distance: 16 km 

         Elevation: 700 m +/- 


Stage 2

Distance: 14 km 

         Elevation: 600 m +/- 


Predmeja - Čaven

From Predmeja we pass Silent Valley and hike towards Mali Golak (1495m), our first mountain top that we reach on our trekking. Going down, we pass Iztokova hut under Golaki – voted the most beautiful slovenian mountain hut by hikers.

We hike through forest and mountain paths to Čaven, where our stage two is finished.

It is hard to describe with words stage two, since it offers breathtaking hikes through forest and views on the endless green countryside of Vipava Valley. It is something you just have to experience with your own eyes. And lunges.

Čaven - Šmihel

Our first top is Kucelj (1237m), from where we will descend on old mulatjera – old military or trafficant routes, mostly in mountains. The descend itself is also very beautiful, passing more and more narrow mountain paths, forest trails and more.
One of the highlights is definitely Saint Marry Church above Vitovlje. It is surrounded by a protecting wall from 14th century. Nearby is also a Napoleon made road that was connecting Vipava Valley with inner land, from where they got woods for construction.
Vitovlje is also famous to be a perfect boulder climbing spot.
Our stage three finishes just a bit lower in Šmihel.

Stage 3 

Distance: 15 km 

         Elevation: 300 m +/- 


Šmihel - Solkan

In this stage, we are already entering into the lower part of Vipava Valley, towards Nova Gorica. We will first ascend to Lijak, a well known paragliding takeoff. On the hike there, we will go through an old tavern from World War 1, from where the generals watched the situation on the front lines.
Continuing towards Sveta Gora, that is one of the most well-known holy mountains in Slovenia. From Sveta Gora we just have to descend into Solkan, another big attraction. There we can admire the biggest railroad stone bridge in the world, the Solkan bridge!

Stage 4

Distance: 18 km 

         Elevation: 600 m +/- 


Stage 5

Distance: 19 km 

         Elevation: 400 m +/- 


Solkan - Renče

Once in Solkan, we are just at the Italian border. Under the Solkan bridge we can see famous river Soča  In this stage, we have really easy hike ahead of us. We will visit Europe Square , at the very border between Gorica (Italy) and Nova Gorica (Slovenia).
Panovec hill will give us further motivation to continue. It is a popular trekking and jogging hill just outside Nova Gorica. The road will lead us back to the river Vipava and to Renče, where you can take a swim in the local lake.

Stage 6

Distance: 19 km 

         Elevation: 400 m +/- 


Renče - Cerje

This stage will be a bit shorter with only 10km. But on our way we will see many attractions. The biggest and the most attractive is Cerje, a monument to WW1 that is also a tower, from where you can see miles in every direction. It opens views on Vipava Valley, Julian Alps, Italy and Adriatic Sea with Trieste Gulf. All we can say to this view is wow. Amazing.

Cerje - Tabor

Another short, but very attractive stage is ahead of us. We will walk very nice up and down trails through forest. On the way, there are many monuments of World War 1 front, that will take us back to history, over 100 years ago! This is definitely a stage with one of the best trails on our trekking around Vipava Valley.

Stage 7

Distance: 10 km 

         Elevation: 400 m +/- 


Stage 8

Distance: 10 km 

         Elevation: 400 m +/- 


Tabor - Branik

We should mention that all the way from stage 7, so from Cerje, we are walking at the border with Karst terrain. And this is the end of Karsic border, since we are slowly re-entering back to typical Vipava Valley terrain. At the very end of stage 8, we have a big surprise for you. We will visit the biggest castle in Vipava Valley, the Branik castle.

Stage 9

Distance: 17 km 

         Elevation: 500 m +/- 


Branik - Lože

We are now entering into the most typical Vipava Valley scenery, full with vineyards on every step. This part of the valley has very good sunny leg, that is just perfect for growing vineyards. We will even pass a local hiking tour called Po vrtovčevih poteh – named after a local Matija Vrtovec, a priest, who in 19th century taught local winemakers about making wine.
Path than leads us to Planina, another major wine kaing village, that is situated on a hill above Ajdovščina. If offers amazing views on Vipava Valley.

From there we descend to Slap and finish in Lože. Just more and more beautiful vineyard villages, typical for Vipava Valley.

Stage 10

Distance: 12 km 

         Elevation: 600 m +/- 


Lože - Podnanos

We were talking about typical vineyard villages on stage 9, but on stage 10 we are visiting a true, pristine stone made village Goče. It is known to have really a lot of underground wine cellars. Like, a looot 🙂 Entering into a village, we pass a few cypress trees that make the whole scenery look like a fairytale. Our path lead us further, through some more vineyards and in village of Podraga. We will then ascend at the church above Podraga, Sv. Socerb. And from there we descend into Podnanos. The last stop before the big uphill on majestic mount Nanos.

Stage 11

Distance: 16 km 

         Elevation: 900 m +/- 


Podnanos - Abram

It is for sure one of the most beautiful trails far around. The one from Podnanos to Nanos. It may be a bit steep for some, but in general it offers real joy. Our first bigger stop is at Eko hut Nanos, from there we have the famous Nanos ridge ahead of us, that finishes at Vojkova hut. There is also a gigantic antenna receptor, dating back in Yugoslavia times.
Nanos is full of memories on World War 2 and was also a battle place for famous Nanos battle. We continue our trekking through forest on Nanos and after another 2 hours reach Abram. A farm tourism, where we can see a real, live bear! It is living with them since it was a baby, due to a lost of his mother. We finish our stage 11 there. It will be enough of walking for one day.

Stage 12

Distance: 16 km 

         Elevation: 900 m +/- 


Abram - Vipava

To end our trekking around Vipava Valley in style, we must do it in style. So for the last day we dont really have much more walking to do, it is mostly downhill towards Vipava. On the way, we see other hidden natural gems of Nanos and after 2 hours reach Vipava castle and after 15 more minutes are in Vipava.
Vipava is also where the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley has its finish for all distances. So you can be proud on yourself to accomplish a demanding, long route that just under 100 ultra trail runners finish. Of course, they have their time limits, but still..
Vipava is an old town, full of mystery. We will just chill at Vipava river source, that is the only delta source river in Europe. And its stream is just wooow. There is also a restaurant for the hungry ones. Otherwise, we will take a quick tour over bridges, roman forts, Lanthieri mension and more.

One of the best ice creams in all Vipava valley is also in Vipava, we will go check that out to at Marjanca bar!
And that will also be the end of our epic adventure around Vipava Valley.

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Tailor Made

  • Depending on your wishes, we prepare a custom made tour (elavation, distance, things to do, things to see) 


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