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Live Like A Local


3 days

Number of people

2 – 8

Tour Type

Live like a local


Easy / Medium

Lenght and Elevation

Kranjska Gora, Soča Valley, Vipava Valley


From 700 €



Live like a local means to taste the life that the local people from the area are living. It means to do the same things as they do, but also to get a taste of local attractions, things to do, outdoor activities, and more. 

We have prepared three of the most interesting local areas in Slovenia: Kranjska Gora, Soča Valley and Vipava Valley.  


  • Live like a local
  • Local made food
  • Best wine
  • Expert tour guide
  • Diverse activities types

ITINEARY [step by step]

Kranjska Gora

Stay: Kranjska Gora

Active: Tromeja (hiking to the three borders: ita, aut, slo), hike around lake Jasna, biking, via ferrata

Relax: Spa, Wellness

Food: Kranjska klobasa, ajdovi krapi, Blejska kremna rezina, ajdovi žganci

Culture: Slovenian Mountain Museum, Radovljica Old City Centre, 

Attractions: Peričnik Waterfall, Vrata Valley, Russian Chappel, Zelenci natural reserve, Planica (biggest ski jumo in the world)


 Do like locals do: Wood cutting, Sheep cutting, 


1 day tour: Visit famous Vršič pass, Russian Chappel, Hike to Mala Mojstrovka

Live like a local n.1: 

Duration: 3 days

Soča Valley

Stay: Kekčeva domačija, story of Slovenian pasture hero Kekec

Active: Hike (Prehodavci), Kayak, Canyonig, Rafting, Paragliding, Cycling

Relax: Spa, Wellness

Food: Typical local food (Bovški cheese, Tolmin cheese, Kobarid dumpling, Frika, Soča trout)

Events: Music festivals, Soča Outdoor Festival

Culture: World War 1 museum, Javorca; the church built in the WW1, Walk of Peace


1 day tour: Most na Soči (with train to Bohinj). In Bohinj SUP on Bohinj Lake, then biking to Bled (attractions Bled lake, Bled castle, George Bled). 


Do like locals do: Chees making on farms up in mountain pastures

Live like a local n.2:

Duration: 3 days

Vipava Valley

Stay: Glamping in Vipava Valley

Active:Via Ferrata, Biking, Hiking, Paragliding

Relax: Meditation, Joga

Food: Local Wines Pinela and Zelen, Dry-cured meat products, Seasonal fruits, Štruklji (rolled dumplings) and sweet strudels made of flavoursome fruits from the Vipava Valley


Culture: Slovenian Mountain Museum, Radovljica Old City Centre, 

Attractions: Vipava Old City Centre (Lanthieri Mansion, Vipava River Source), Branik Castle, 


Osmica (Eight) is a wine selling tradition that dates back to the 9th century. This eight-day tax-free window to get rid of the surplus wine and make space in barrels for a new vintage is where Osmica (Eight) got its name from, although eight days once a year have now become ten days twice a year under Slovenian law.


Do like locals do: Grape Harvest (September), Martinovanje (11 November; when grapes become wine), Honey harvest, Wine drinking at cantines at home, Wood cutting,  Charcoal making


1 day tour: Explore bridges of Vipava Valley on e-bike, ride in vineyards, Wine tasting

Live like a local n.3:

Duration: 3 days



  • 2x accommodation and breakfast
  • Actvities
  • Transfer to location and 24h support


  • Other meals and wine tasting (optional)
  • Gear rent (helmet, via ferrata gear)

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