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Prestige Wine Regions of Slovenia


3 days

Number of people

2 – 8

Tour Type

e-Bike/MTB touring



Lenght and Elevation

145 km, 2100m +/-


From 700 €



Three of the prestige wine regions of Slovenia stand very close to each other. They all have their unique history, they specialize in different types of wine, and they all have a different landscape.
The first of the destinations is Vipava Valley, famous for its only delta river in Europe, premium wine that was highly-priced in Austro-Hungarian court, and after its many castles and palaces. The second destination is Goriška Brda, at the very border with Italy. The third destination is Karst, famous for its red wine Teran, which goes perfectly with pršut.

We will take our time and in three unique days bike to each of the destinations, explore them, see what they have to offer us, and of course, taste the wine.
Bike tours will not be demanding but will offer outstanding views all the way to the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea with Trieste Gulf included.


  • Outstanding views
  • Excellent wines
  • Local made food
  • Expert tour guide


Welcome in Ajdovščina

Meeting - Instruction

We will meet in a pleasant spot in Ajdovščina. After accommodation, a briefing meeting with all instructions for the upcoming week will follow.

Day 1 – Vipava Valley

Distance: 52 km 

         Elevation: 600 m +/- 

Typical wine/food: Zelen, Jota

Ajdovščina - Vipava - Zemono

We will begin our epic bike tour in Ajdovščina. We will ride over Napoleon bridge that passes Vipava river. It was build during Napoleon times and used for transport of mercury from world knows Idrija to port of Trieste. Next famous stop will be in Vipavski Križ, a medieval town, where monks are still living today! From Vipavski križ we will ride along side Vipava River back towards Napoleon bridge. But this time we will just ride pass it and continue riding among many vineyards on a beautiful gravel road. After 20 minutes we will reach village Slap (it got its name after a waterfall). But our next stop will be in village Lože, also a vineyard village. We will peak into a castle of Lože and continue riding towards Podraga. On our way we will just explore more of the vineyards, gravel roads, small river streams. See how local wine makres are working in their vineyards, see many small little stone houses for work equipment and more. And soon we will reach Podnanos, a beautiful village. We will pass its unique bridge, that was used to film a slovenian classic movie Tistega lepega dne (One beautiful day). 

From Podnanos we have a bit of a uphill towards us, but it will pay off with the views. We will ride throuh Reber, a sunny hill that produces one of the best wines of upper Vipava Valley. From Reber we descend to Lozice (a village where melody for slovenian anthem was wrote) and continue back to Podnanos and from there to Vipava. In Vipava we will pass another old bridge and peek into backyard of Lanthieri mansion , admire unique spring of Vipava river, and take a ride through old narrow streets of Vipava.

To finish our tour we will be able to take a quick spin to Zemono mansion, which is holding a Michelin star!

To end such a day, we will enjoy in wine tasting of typical wines from Vipava Valley.

Day 2 – Karst

Distance: 48 km 

         Elevation: 845 m +/- 

Typical wine/food: Teran, pršut

Štanjel - Kostanjevia na Krasu

On Day 2 we will ride to Goče, a pristine small village with a loooot of underground wine cellars. This is a village made from stones and even if it belong under Vipava, it already gives us an insight on what our Karsic day will look like. We will just take a quick jump to church of Marija Snežna (Snowy Mary) – the name comes from when in August it was covered with snow. A true miracle, considering that average August temperatures are just under 30 degrees Celsius.

We continue riding through Erzelj and Gaberje – last of the typical Vipava Valley wine villages. Soon we enter into the next big stop is Štanjel. A medieval town not to be missed! With a big protecting wall, church, and small narrow streets it is a pure Karstic jewel. And did we mention that you will enjoy relaxing views in the Ferrari garden?

From Štanjel we ride our way to Kobjeglava, a typical karst village with a rich history. Due to strong bora wind, their roofs are extremely strong for not being blown away. 

Komen is center of Karst and will be our next stop from Štanjel. In the past, it was a strong town that even had its own police and a prison! It was also very popular touristic destination for higher class people from Trieste and Venice. Due to its good climate it also had a clinic for lungh disase. 

Our bike ride continues to Temnica, where we will have an option to go to a karst cave and explore it. Furthermore and we reach Kostanjevica na Krasu, another typical karst village. It was settled in prehistoric times and offers everything that is typical for karst village. A thing that is very typical for karst is Osmica. This is a old tradition from times of Charles the great! It was modified in the times of Maria Theresia in 18 century. Osmica means eight and is refered to an old custom that in 8 days per year a farmer or a winemaker could sell its goods without having to pay a tax. Osmica is still a custom today, but they are open more times per year that they used to be. You can taste the best of local wines, pršut, deserts, special bread and more. Also musicians come to play and people dance and have a good time. It is definitely something unique in Slovenia nad also in this part of the world. 

Day 3 – Goriška Brda

Distance: 44 km 

         Elevation: 800 m +/- 

Typical wine/food: rebula, frtalje

Cerje - Solkan Bridge - Goriška Brda

This will be our last day on bike. First thing will be visiting Cerje, a monument to World War 1 and a tower with amazing views. We will be able to see all Vipava Valley,  Julian Alps, Carnic Alps and all the way down to the Adriatic coast.
From Cerje we descend to Miren and pass Nova Gorica. We will have a quick stop on Europe Square at the border of Slovenia and Italy. We will keep riding and soon we will see the river Soča. Just a bit further there will be the biggest stone railroad bridge in the world, Solkan bridge.
We will cross river Soča on another bridge and enter into the remote and very unique part of Slovenia, Goriška Brda.
Goriška Brda are very famous for its wine-related history.

First to get an impression about the size and beauty of Goriška Brda, we will climb to Gonjače lookout tower. It is a 23m high tower, offering views from Adriatic Sea to the Julian Alps.

Our path will lead us to Šmartno, an ex fortress on Venetian-Austrian border. It is visible from everywhere in Goriška Brda, a true monument to medieval settlement on a hill.

Furthermore we will stop in Kozana and explore local winemaking tradition with a local winemaker.

The most beautiful renaissance villa in Vipolže is our next big stop. In the past it was here where high class people from Venice and Austro-Hungarian had their parties. The oldest cypress in Slovenia are still growing here.

Next we bike to Medana, a typical wine village in Goriška Brda. Our tour will finish in Dobrovo , the biggest castle in the area.

Transfer back

Farewell and transfer back 


Where we meet?

Štrancarjeva ulica 8

5270 Ajdovščina




Price per person (2): 550 €

Price per person (4): 520 €

Price per person (8): 450 €


  • Licensed guide
  • Accommodation
  • Luggage transport
  • 24 support


  • Insurance
    Airport transfer (optional)

Self - Guided

Price per pax (8): 150 €



  • Booklet – detailed itinerary
    GPX track
    Luggage transfer


  • Tour guide
    Airport transfer

Tailor Made

  • Depending on your wishes, we prepare a custom made tour (elavation, distance, things to do, things to see) 

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